About Us

Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury offers support in all things volunteering. We are here to support volunteers and voluntary organisations.

Our Vision

To support communities where voluntary work is understood, recognised, and valued.

Our Mission

To promote, support, and uphold the integrity of voluntary work with commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Our Objectives

  1. To uphold the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.
  2. To provide and promote information and resources on volunteering.
  3. To encourage the community to understand, value and participate in volunteer work as part of a wider definition of work.
  4. To promote cross cultural understanding where the unique role of Tangata Whenua is recognised.


Meet Our Team

Staff Dellwyn

Dellwyn Moylan

Mid Canterbury Coordinator (Ashburton)

Dellwyn joined Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury in 2016. Her role includes connecting volunteers with organisations, groups and schools, supporting those who manage volunteers, and coordinating recognition events. Dellwyn is also active promoting the benefits and rewards of volunteering for organisations and individuals. Dellwyn has been volunteering for the last 35 years and currently volunteers for several community organisations.

Staff Lou

Lou Billinghurst

South Canterbury Coordinator

Lou joined Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury in 2017, she has taken a major career change by joining the community sector after spending the last 17 years working as an accountant and prior to that as a textile dyer. Lou manages the office in Timaru and is an enabler as she works closely with community groups enhancing their ability to do the things they know best better. Her role includes supporting and mentoring community groups, facilitating training sessions and forums, and promoting the importance of volunteering in our community.

Staff Robyn 2

Robyn Valentine

Community Accounts Administrator

Robyn joined Volunteering Mid and South Canterbury in 2017, she has taken on the role of administrator for the Community Accounts Service, which is based in Timaru. With over 30 years extensive administration and accounting experience she looks after all our clients administrative requests and guides them onto the cloud based system. She is a very caring person and is always helpful to those needing support.

Our Board

  • Linda Kenny (Chairperson)
    Tanya Robinson (Deputy Chairperson)
    Mark Lowen (Treasurer)
    Belinda Brand (Secretary)
  • Janene Adams (Board member)
  • Kalpesh Hari (Board member)